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Eye Appeal

We carry premium branding through all our clients' web graphics, videos, and marketing. We utilize our talents whenever possible to create engaging materials.

Social Media

As an instrumental component of establishing online marketing strategies for any business, our experienced team of social media coordinators navigates online platforms to help build relationships.

Content Creation

Our competent team of skilled writers carefully crafts content to attract targeted audiences to our websites.

Web Development

We specialize in creating websites that are aesthetically representative of our clients and functionally representative of their performance.


Not only do we build websites with human aesthetics in mind, but we craft them to be attractive to search engines as well. Utilizing our expertise in SEO leads to domination in our clients' search rankings.

Web Advertisement

We help our clients cross paths with potential customers and work to help them build and maintain a successful business relationship.


Media Smart, Content Savvy, Collaboratively In Tune

We know how to make the most of your online presence. Our dynamic group is well-versed in the art of web-based media and we have a wide-range of talents at our disposal. While we could talk on and on about the exceptional quality of our company, we prefer to have our name, our reputation, and our results speak for themselves.

We put integrity in our name because it is the value that forms the foundation of our group. When we show up to work, we intend on living up to our name. Integrity Media Group has earned its reputation as a reliable and dedicated company that is invested in the performance and success of our clientele. We blend our skillful abilities with a persisting ambition to keep getting better at what we do, so that you can continue to expect more out of us and we can always deliver. For the benefit of our customers, we strive to be more than just skilled at what we do, we understand the importance of being enthusiastic about it too!

Test-Driven Web Development
Our team of tech-savvy programmers are much more than just computer gurus, they are problem solvers with a knack for coding and troubleshooting. They write, test, and manipulate computer software to construct stunning and functional websites that are designed to meet the needs of the targeted consumer.

Visual Treats
We want our graphics and other medias to do more than just entertain and intrigue, we want them to give our clients the leading edge against their competitors. We create virtual tours that effectively transport users into interactive realities, giving them the freedom and control to navigate places and products as if they were physically there. Our team of stellar graphic designers and videographers provides all the images and visual displays that take our websites to the next level.

Modern Marketing
Marketing puts abstract media strategies into motion by personalizing content and targeting consumers. Our extraordinary team of social media coordinators have mastered the craft of making effective online exchanges, and they continue to perfect their abilities to adapt to the ever-changing environments of online media platforms. When it comes to transforming internet crowds into interested consumers, we are more than confident in the capability of our social media team! We also use the powerful influence of email marketing to reconnect and re-engage businesses with buyers.

our team

Adam Sobczak

Co-Founder / GM

Adam is our group’s head honcho. He steers the ship and makes sure that we are always headed in the direction of success.

Brad Phillips

Media Director

Our media mastermind. Not only does he oversee our media operation, but he also provides support, insight, and suggestions into every aspect of the creative process.




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